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released June 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Extra Kool Denver, Colorado

An archly fearless live performer, Extra Kool challenges his audiences with an unwavering stare and a direct and hauntingly intense vocal delivery. Part modern-day Dadaist, part hip-hop art terrorist, Extra Kool is the essence of truth in advertising.
(Tom Murphy)
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Track Name: Still Broke, Still Standing (Satyre BEAT)
(Hook) 2x
30 some years, still broke still standing, ain't got no fans, make you say god damn it, this is eight, this is eight.

How am I going to stay fresh, quick to switch the styles up, an old ass rapper drowning in the sea of young bucks. No longer sitting pretty, Gray in the beard, yet another year x'ed watching time disappear, but I, still speak, still blessed, spilled the simple mind, still coming clean like a brand new pair of Jordan 9's. Still thinking, there's no way I'm a top cool-ADE, unless I 180 switch styles singing switch blades. It's okay, I'm going to keep at it anyways, if you don't feel the speech, simply pull the disc and snap away. I got dropped so this is for real-zees DIY, thank you for your purchase, you're the reason I'm still feeling fly. To be honest this is not how I planned it, 30 some years still broke but still standing, I've had a good run, my girls ass is outstanding, but the rest is just ridiculous, God dammit.

Track Name: Giant Holes (Thizz Clinton BEAT)
One man's purpose is another man's pain, you've got to eat what you bleed then bleed through the heart tell it all goes away, so what do you say pretty lady, you like being another man's topics? Does the tension feel empty? make you feel exotic. 2x

2000 and something this heavy breathings got me God sent, I'm still so insecure these the several steps they feel so caustic so, I feel you leave looking pretty in your prom dress, huh. On hands and knees we alter mines like OxyCotton does. I'm losing faith homie, or has the faith just lost? The watching is instrumental for the voyeurs fly like albatross. I'm comfort laced in creeps, live shadows steal bounds and leaps, have eyes from lakes and streets, I want to watch you sleep. I say this pretty please, you know I'm staying focused, clean hands and dirty knees no way I'll ever fly would Locust. I feel exotic now, small steps to giant holes, keep digging tossing dirt, stay frozen homie let it go. I beg you build that bridge, now smash your compass kid, catch flames to the heart from the ones you love, now tell me where your comfort lives? How many do you think you need? Tread water, cut down your trees, stay calm, shoot teeth to the breeze, it's buried easily.

Track Name: Phantoms featuring ONRY OZZBORN (Maulskull BEAT)
(Hook) 2x-Onry & EK
This right here is the phantoms poetry, place the cancer to the lips and fly away with me. These are the walls that will never come clean, ghost all that and hush the day dreams.

(Extra Kool)
Well he's Evil Knievel, straight broken life, fast forward weak dreams kill butterflies, shed skins till the heartstrings plummet, dance for the earthworms so far from it, ohhhh. Well he's a car crash forever in the know, we grasp hands, twist straws cause you never know. Well I knew from my first swing at acrobats, wham, bam and other used sayings proofed the artifacts. We turn pages for the false face society, we love to make noise, just as long as we do with quietly. It's inside of me, we all bleed simple thoughts, applied blush to the cuts never took my makeup off. I feel tainted for the sake of wasting beautiful, why waste uncomfortable when you're hardly feeling useful? It's always the end that floats away, he's off it's the phantoms poetry, Black Philip.

(Hook) 2x
Track Name: Oh My, My featuring TIME & MOONLIGHT GRAMMAR (Fiasco Andretti BEAT)
Growing up I had that plaque on my teeth
But I always wanted one on my wall underneath
My fake Michael Jordan rookie card platinum hard
All you got to do is make a millie go my god
Don't really know but I got this
I know it's real cause I'm nauseous
I'm not focused on dropping hot shit
I'm a be a legend live Loch Ness
I got the world on my back can you spot me?
If you are what you eat I'm coffee
If you are what you hate I'm not me
Emcee Xerox copy
Their results are very sloppy
Shout out to the lab they got me
If I'm going too fast then pause me
If it's all about fame you lost me
Cuz what's the world in your palm if your hand's made of glass?
And what's a painted on smile if the make-up starts to crack?
What's a bank account full of racist presidents?
When you're back stage acting like you're heaven sent?
Inspiration and love the only things that have lasted
So make em say oh my, cause tomorrow could be your casket

Keep walk, Keep loot, keep talks trash, keep lust, just please, just don't laugh, keep trust, just fill up your past, oh my, my. Oh my, my. 2x

Oh my indeed, stay chill pretty please, Mr. Crispy, purple arm, a simple world in his sleeve. Say this I'm here to lead, snake bellied, serpentine. Scuffing up dirty Nikes, can't see the forest through the trees. It's a tall tale, full circle like a hula hoop, this is super friends, super bored, forming super groups, mouths born to shoot, sticky styles call them super glue, this is Extra Kool, let me show you what the supers do it's, Dirty Laboratory bitch, I need sunglasses, swagger so bright for cheesy lines like a broadcaster, I'm a form and swing, steady climb like a stair master, here to save folks, Rick Grimes from the here after, I hear laughter and it's enough to turn my world down, I've got to hide my face, Halloween, I'm alone now. So what's important? signing off or saying bye-bye? Eyes closed, teeth clinched, hands grasped, oh my.
Track Name: Rabbit Ears-additional vocals by NONNAHS of Church Fire (Maulskull BEAT)
First one exposed, lost names of sentinels, drown in the calm, dancing through a field of Marigolds. The variables change once the chest seized the back spasms, proton pack the metaphors and I'll fake the orgasms. Eyes wide from a soft taste of shoulder shrugs, a codependent face hugger, I need some love, so....I turn the pages till the ink fades or disappears, ghosting up the heart murmurs, dress em up in rabbit ears. A pretty fate where the mind meets to sally forth, I'm tired of these bags of bones always staining up my tablecloth. Sheesh! God damn it chase the voices, throw strike after strike or give power to the voiceless. How appropriate, I'm the severed voice of consciousness, the blindfolded reality where it's really quite obvious. I don't speak but I hurt with the best of them, I know it from experience with the chest full of aggression.

(Hook) 2x
Disappear, the focus, dressed in your rabbit ears, no faith, you're no more, so I'll just
Disappear in darkness or old age, the casualties, it's no place for sorrow or apathy.

I feel loving fictional, so unconventional floating in the chaos, but I still eat my vegetables. I want to pick the flowers, let the fives be the pesticide, a beautiful degradation, watch the whole blooming field die. Once again, there's nothing strange or even heavenly, we can be dashing strangers or we can be bitter enemies. With that said I'm going to float away without a trace, a subtle Jason Vahorees, cold lamping on Crystal Lake. No mistakes, I've already powered kegged the ego, I'm pining for the days of playing backseat bingo. Let's be honest, it's an old game for young bucks, a terrible situation where the kids don't even say shucks! At least they can front to cough the costumes off, it's a beautiful day for consequences, untruths and long shots. I already told ya, I hold the truths until the death of them, I know it from experience, next question.

(Hook) 2x

I'm here to tell ya, you're looking pretty in your rabbit ears (rabbit ears), so so beautiful. 4x
Track Name: Star Bellied Sneetches featuring SATYRE (The Constant Drip BEAT)
Please child I'm the part you throw away, keep hungry cause a thief is always waste, give chase till those feelings go away. Keep moving, keep moving (2x)

(Extra Kool)
Keep moving I'm a stretch it like elastic, a bunch of star bellied Sneetches birthing yellow rat bastards. It's a pleasure bleeding a dog day afternoon, not afforded the daily balance of walking around with a bunch of sparkle goons. I stay crisp like it's winter time or Christmas, like my homie Showboat in them infrared 6's. So, I stay humble till my debts come and slay me, or until the walls closing, so what you say lords and ladies?
I stay humble so my debts come it's slay me, or until the walls close in, so what you say lords and ladies? (Or until the walls close in and fucking kill me).

(Hook) 2x

I'm on a mission right, right, been on it since eighteen, A way life, it's not a game or a plaything,I sleep about 4 feet from my keyboard,
Middle of the night, i'm wide awake, still pressing record, Meticulous
Like a kid sniffing pixie sticks,
I'm all in til it burns like a whiskey kiss
A true detective, no sleep in old age,
Assembling my tunes like the clues to a cold case. I keep on grinding cause it's all that I know, I'll keep believing til I'm eaten my crow I'll keep on going til I'm frozen below,
Until I'm six feet deep beneath an ocean of snow, yeah.

(Hook) 2x

(EK & Satyre)
So let me reiterate, The world stops and comes clean, you can call me Alec Holland, long live the Swamp Thing! Or you can fall living lost praise the dirty dozen, shadows have shadows, turn the page kill the voices.
Kill the feedback, kill the negativity,
Give life to thoughts that reawaken the kid in me, Kill the obstacles, kill the distractions,
Give life to that which gives life to my passion (x2)
Track Name: Herbert West Starter Kit (Satyre BEAT)
Collaging up the hearts, this is where the eight stands, I finally found my courage, I keep it buried in my waist band. Feeling comfy laid out on the ottoman, trying to kill anxiety with a pocket full of Klonpin. No endorsements, no heavy artillery, no fancy script just soft pillowed calligraphy. Feeling fancy, having no faith in overtime, still phantom on these tracks, give em that old-fashioned frosty eye. I suppose these words could cut my oxygen, turn pistols, front, grin, never on point like a Bobby pin. But that's the point, best to go ask of these coffin kids, time to turn page on my Herbert West starter kit.

It's time to turn page on my Herbert West starter kit (4x)

Unbelievable, unburnt and bulletproof, indecent, unstable, no taste like couscous. It's, un-named or unloved, bless the audience, no fame and no hugs and no fancy opulence. These days I let the world get the best of me, hold faith in the obstacles, just in my OCD, supposedly, I sell lust till my starter quits, but for now I turn page on my Herbert West start kit.

Track Name: Rorschach Tester (Fiasco Andretti BEAT)
Okay Let me start, Fiasco shouts slanging plasma raps, all the blames mine when I'm the toy in your cracker jacks. Here's the facts I've got my hands in your pocket book, knock three times, you can never shake the Babadook. It's a broken heart for a teenaged Dick Dastardly, erase hipster from the lips and I'm going to do it happily. How about a black tea for the Salem drinking witches, with a little white lies and Black Philip granting wishes.

These things blow holes straight through me, what's good for me, ain't good for you. It's time to lose dreams and cut strings, I don't know about that, I don't know about that. 2x

It's a creature thing, wiki page the almanac. I'm a blow em kisses, seeing fire in the Rorschach. I don't know it's like their heads are full of angel dust, their mouths are gold teeth, pouring salt on the paper cuts. Always clip the wings, because these crows ain't loyal. South side, white walker still feeling cordial. So, let em reanimate, green fluids and solemn steps, I'm kind of in between kind hearts yo and Herbert West.

(Hook) 2x

Hands down completely sprung we feed them progress, hallowed heart, still the creature with the Spookies in your Loch Ness. We bear the crosses for sins of the mediocre, the warpaint, the iron fist, the greens of Furiosa. Those curse the cursed earth, illuminate the bleeding alchemy, the world faints and I'm alive, the snuggles bleeding out of me. Oh to be the Bruce Wayne's, the John Wick's or John Constantine's, that's a load of bullets, or a death in the family.

Track Name: I Already Knew That! (Fox Beats)
I've got no excuses, a forever changing aftermath, a real abuse smiling simply through these paragraphs. Stay allusive little boy count your paper cuts, bleed slow or else you're never going to wake them up. I found purity through happiness I thought I lost, smile, grin and bear it, watch the world burn at any cost. Or so they say, I've built my own private apocalypse, that warm Cosby sweater in my head where the logic lives. This is for the grumbling bellies and the activists, all the 1%ers and the section eight family kids. All of the loving mothers working two jobs on welfare and the slut shaming government who wants to take away your health care. I already know the questions but was going to give the answers, should I sit around and watch my family die off of cancer or MS man I love you J-Ro, Will we fix this mess, man I sure fucking hope so.

(Hook) 2x
Say what you will but leave your doubts at the doorsteps I'm never going to go blow, but I already knew that. I'm never going to pop, I already knew that. I'm never going to be big, I already knew that. I'm never going to change your life.

I've got no redeeming qualities, no sympathy, no guarantees that I'm gonna ever shape history. I've sold 400 physicals over the past two years and that's garbage numbers in this world of rap careers. I've built bridges, I've sang lullabies, I've touched down on stages with a tummy full of butterflies. I've lived to love and I've loved and lost, I've re-sewed the heartstrings so I can turn the bitter off.

(Hook) 2x
Track Name: Beige Cardigan (Dealz Makes Beatz BEAT)
This one goes out to anybody who's ever been done dirty, by their ex-boyfriend's or ex-girlfriend's, physical abuse of verbal abuse it don't matter, it's all the same. We don't need them anyways, they're just a bunch of beige cardigans.

This is for them wounded heads, pull your hoods up, hit the bricks and make them think about the good stuff. I feel used like a maxed out credit card, so I'm spinning wheels cruising gently down the boulevard. A new man from the Jordans to the ceiling, but when you talk shit you got my Troma Tons tingling. 2x

Lace em up, turn the key in the ignition, flip em the bird show them exactly what they're missing. Turn the page and pull yourself a Stanley Kubrick, do like I did and find yourself a new chick. I'm not shy, I already told you about the booty, we share the same first name and she's immune to my cooties. She won't say it but she's exactly what this man needs and one of these days we might have a small family. 2x

Disclaimer, that family might just be us and the cats and maybe a dog.

Okay you can call me Mad Martigan, yes it's an interlude, but you-s a beige cardigan. 5x